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SheVibe Loves You and Wants You To Have Dildos


SheVibe loves you and wants to to ejaculate.  They want you to have colossal, mind-numbing, toe-curling orgasms.  That’s why they’re discounting all G-spot dildos by 15% until May 28th!  You’ve got ten days to jump on that.

Let me just give you a taste of what this sale includes:

The Pleasure Works Rippler

This is not your momma’s warm-up toy.  This was my gateway dildo – the one that dragged me, screaming, into the world of textured, girthy pleasure objects.  It’s the firmest dildo that I own, which means that in addition to being extra-fuckable, it’s also an excellent makeshift gavel when you need to call the court to order.

The Key Comet G-Spot Wand

I think that most quality-conscious bloggers were suspicious of Jopen at one point or another, but we’ve all discovered that Jopen has well and truly hit a home run with the Key Comet.  It’s completely orgasmic.  The silicone drags a little bit, which sounds disconcerting but feels TOTALLY AWESOME against your G-spot.  Get one.

The LELO Ella

Don’t scoff at the humble Ella.  It may be cheaper than my first two picks, but let me assure you that its affordability and quality make the Ella a great way to introduce your G-spot to the loving embrace of a dildo.  The material is a glorious satin-y feeling silicone wrapped over a relatively firm (but not totally inflexible) body.  Why would you buy a $15 jelly dong (ew) when you can get this for a mere $15 more?


I see I’ve enticed you.

GO FORTH and return with orgasms for the good of the order!

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