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Blurb #4


Christ almighty, OKC.

I admit it: since my previous significant other, I haven’t been on OK Cupid much, and when I am on, I pretty much never screw with the quickmatch function.  I’m pretty content sorting things out the way they are right now… but I just got another four-star e-mail and opted to try and find the person who gave me high marks, just for funsies.

Unfortunately, the quickmatch offerings are not winners.

  • If you tell me, “I am just an average boring person,” I will take you at your word if I can’t find much else redeeming in your profile.  (Although one fellow was ALMOST saved by a confession about staying up until 7 AM to play Minecraft.)
  • If you tell me you are, “normal and chill,” I am going to write you off as being boring, because you used the word “normal” to describe yourself.
  • If your profile contains the adjective “chill” in combination with your guitar listed under your six things you live without, I know exactly what you’re like, and can assure you that I don’t get a slick in my panties for some dude that can play approximately three chords, pausing only to gently brush his unkempt locks from his eyes.

Try again, OKC.  It’s not working out.



I know I’ve been somewhat absent lately, but new content is coming, I promise!  I’ve got three items that I’ve received to review, and a whole mess of toys lined up to be written about.

No, literally lined up.

Really:Photo of 3 sex toys still in their packaging lined up in a row: the Pleasure Works Rippler, the Tantus ProTouch, and the Tantus Little Secret Spoon.

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  • August 20, 2011 at 3:08 am

    REVIEW MORE SHIT! I’m trying to help you out with it. You can always review my hand. :3

    • August 21, 2011 at 2:14 am

      But other people can’t buy your hand, slutling… much as I’m sure that news disappoints you.


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