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Category / Blog Round-Ups

A Real Neat Blog

  The awesome Mr. Will from Mr. Will’s House of Thrills “nommed” me as a “Real Neat Blog.” I am touched, because I never get over hearing how awesome I am. Apparently once we answer the questions we “nom” people now and even though I read the post over an hour ago I JUST realized that “nomming”...Read More

Dildology: Doing the dirty work so you don’t have to

My first vibrator was from Spencer’s. For the love of god, don’t get your sex toys from Spencer’s.  Try Lovehoney or SheVibe, Babeland or Good Vibrations, Tickle or JT’S Stockroom.  Order straight from the manufacturers, like Tantus.  Just not Spencer’s.  I know that Spencer’s carries fine products such as Jelly Gems and the Vibrating Tongue...Read More

First Gender Celebration Carnival Round-Up

The first gender celebration carnival went fantastically!  I’d like to thank Lumpesse (again) for organizing it and coming up with the fabulous idea.  Everyone who participated wrote AMAZING posts, some of which have sparked discussions that are still going on!  I’m really excited about having been a part of this, and I anticipate participating in...Read More

Gender Celebration Blog Carnival

Something I’m looking forward in participating in during the upcoming months is Ellie Lumpesse’s Gender Celebration Blog Carnival. In Ellie’s words: The carnival is about reflecting on gender, questioning it, doing the hard work of grappling with it but also experiencing the joy of celebrating it. Does everything we say have to be all sunshine and...Read More