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Strap In

We’re going to have an adventure together very soon: my 2-year blogiversary and a corresponding giveaway!  I’m giving away a Jopen Key Comet G-spot Wand and a Tantus Ryder!  There will be two winners, so make sure you enter for both items if you want them!  This is your formal invitation to join me on...Read More

Greeting the New Year

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Happy New Year! I’m very excited about where I’m going to take the blog in 2013, but right now I’m still decompressing from the holidays and adjusting to my new schedule.  (More school!  More classes!  MORE WORK.) Some fun things this year: I’m writing for Get Lusty.  My first article about multiple orgasms launched last...Read More

Sugarcunt’s Dorm Sex Flowchart

I don’t sleep.  I also don’t get to jack it while I sit awake at 6 AM. To explain this unfortunate phenomenon, and what college sex is like for me in general, allow me to present Sugarcunt’s Dorm Sex Flowchart. Go ahead and click that shit so you can actually read it.  And read the...Read More