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Photo of a white person with a gentle short bob hair cut holding their hand over their chest. Their eyes are closed and the sun is setting behind them. THey wear a white vest and black top, their hand covering their heart.

“Do Better” June Pledge


I vow to make my absolute best, good-faith attempt to be conscious of the spaces I occupy and the way I treat those in them with me.


I vow to exercise and improve my empathy toward those with different backgrounds, marginalizations, and experiences than my own. I recognize that we aren’t all starting from the same mark.


I vow to consider the things I don’t say in front of the people they are about, and ask myself why not, and if those reasons stem from a fucked up place.


I vow to curtail destructive behavior that I’ve perpetuated.


I vow to acknowledge my privilege across all axes of social interaction and educate those who share it when I am able.


I vow to undergo accountability actions, and want my community to hold expect me to be accountable for harmful actions, fucked-up views, or even just simple mistakes borne of ignorance.


I vow not to pretend that my tenure in any community gives me any right to behave poorly or gives further pretense that I am elevated above my peers.


I vow to show solidarity with community members who are more marginalized than myself, to amplify and hold space for them.


I acknowledge that I am a person who may fuck up, and vow to expend effort to curtail my own defense mechanisms when that happens. No one, especially me, will heal, learn, or change if I lash out in the heat of my emotions.


I am not a saint, but I am a person who makes choices about my actions.

My choice is to do better.

White graphic designed to simulate the back of a postcard. The postcard heading reads: "Greetings from your lap!" in purple text. The sub-heading reads, "Beastly Blowjob: Pack 1". The postcard is addressed to: "Merry Masturbator, 69 S. Slurpin' Ave, SC, ManyVids." The stamp on the postcard is a still from the Beastly Blowjob video of Sugar grinning a few inches behind the cock they're sucking, their face only visible from below the nose, lips slick and reddened from use and strings of saliva gleaming between their lips and their partner's glans. Their hands are wrapped around the base of their partner's cock that has been censored with an eggplant emoji, with Sugar's long fingernails painted sparkly blue. The extra text on the postcard reads: "I just get so caught up in a blowjob sometimes that I forget about time, cameras, or what is coming next. The only things living in that moment are me and the cock in my mouth. This 10-photo set contains some of the best stills from my Beastly Blowjob video, documenting some of the most blissful moments from my experience. Purchasing this set also means you've collected the 'Grinning' stamp - that little stamp right there in the top corner. Soon there will be many stamps that can be redeemed for a variety of themed prizes!"
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