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Lavacunt Erotica: Challenge Accepted


Hello, my friends. It has been a while since my last post, because I spent the first two weeks of August at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit and then at Spacewitch Retreat. You know what sucks worse than con drop? Con crud and double con drop. **Finger guns.**

I finally got my shit together to write a guest post about my nonbinary identity and gender fluidity for my sweet friend Taryn, who runs the blog Ace in the Hole. But I wanted to post here before the end of August as well, so I figured I’d drop a short piece of erotica in for your reading pleasure.

Lately I’ve been writing erotica for the first time in years, because I’m trying to move away from my destructive habit of judging all my writing before I even finish a paragraph, then deleting it all. Examining my submissive and DD/little fantasies is helping me suspend that judgment.

Content warning: Super explicit language, DD/little, edging, objectification, usage of “slut” and “whore.”



“Do you want me to spank you, little slut?”
“No, Daddy. I want you to fuck me until I gush my soul out through my cunt.”
“I think you mean through *my* cunt, little subbie… You know that sweet little hole belongs to Daddy. I own that cunt, you merely lease it.”
“Oh, I’d already forgotten… maybe that means you should use it.”

I want you to use it. When you call yourself Daddy, parts of my cunt I didn’t know I had quiver and moan. I’m doing the verbal equivalent of baring my cunt at you from behind with my knees spread wide, my upper body down against the bed, and my ass raised as high as it will go.

With my hips angled upward and my legs as far apart as I can get them, my cunt is very exposed and presented to you nicely, my outer labia parted enough to let cool air flow across my glistening pink insides.

If something so sweet, juicy, drippy, and delicious-smelling is being freely offered to you, you’d have to be made of stone to sit beside it without devouring it.

If you can hear the slick sound that my cunt makes when I dip my fingers in it before I rub my clit, without zoning out and waking up a minute later to find yourself plunging your fingers into me over and over again, then you’re not using your toy to their fullest potential.

If you can feel the bed shaking from the way that my legs quiver when my clit is rubbed rapidly, but I don’t find you cramming your cock into me within the next five minutes, then you are truly the king of all stoics.

I don’t want that.
I want you to slide under me and bite my vulva softly. I want you to run your tongue through my pretty, velvety folds, letting only the tip taste the molten core inside my cunt.

“For that, little whore, you’ll pay dearly. You’ll stay like this until you’ve edged yourself seven times, and if you don’t mess up, I’ll stretch out your juicy cunt and let you cum around me as many times as you want.”

Challenge accepted, Daddy.

If you enjoy my super explicit dirty talk and you’d like to read more stuff like that, I have a Twitter specifically for such content, away from my primary account so that my wife doesn’t have to read it. Follow @MoltenCunt.

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