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Photo of an AMAB person holding up a black harness in front of a blue background. Their face is largely obscured by the fist and harness, and their tightly-balled fist on the harness is the focus of the photo.

Lavacunt Chat Log Erotica: Daddy’s Fist


This weekend, I’m spending my time with a friend from Washington that I’ve had several co-watching Skype dates with, but whom I never had a chance to meet in person before I ended up in Oregon.

I’d like to resume regular content here on the blog, so I’m scheduling this post to entertain y’all while I’m cuddling and potentially flexing my D-type muscles. However, this fantasy doesn’t involve my D-muscles, it’s a submissive fantasy.

This fantasy features my dominant partner Root. I wrote this as an erotic fantasy extension based on some dirty talk in one of our chat logs over a year ago. I still think it’s pretty hot, so you get to enjoy it too.

Content warning: DD/lg, fisting, choking, objectification, sexual degradation

I couldn’t stop myself. I had to get off. I imagined it while I masturbated…

Your fingers plunging into me, your mouth sucking orgasm after orgasm out of my greedy, soaking little hole. I imagine how long you’ll spend down there, how long it’ll take to steal my words, and every exquisite stroke of your tongue over every glistening pink fold of my velvety cunt

Once I’ve cum so much that my filthy words are incoherent whimpers and my moans begin to grow hoarse, and the cum dripping out of me lets you slip some more fingers inside me effortlessly

Fuck, Daddy. More fingers… you’re putting more fingers inside your toy.

I can feel them slipping inside me, tracing over the frilly inner walls of my cunt, curving to my G-spot. 2. 3. 4… 5. Your hand is inside me, filling me, stretching me to accommodate you. With your fingers up against my g-spot and the Die Cast you direct to my clit, I know I’m going to gush all over you. I can’t use words to warn you – I don’t have words; just sensation, just pleasure, just moans, groans, and squeals

“Mmm, I like the sounds you’re making, little one.”

My small mind, the only one functioning at all, says, oh fuck, thank you Daddy… may I cum, Daddy? My voice says something that sounds broken and helpless, but could only be one thing: “Daddyyyyyyy…”

You can feel the way my breath has picked up, the way my cunt has started to tighten around you. The more my moans escalate, the more my voice begins to break. You know what I want

“About to cum, you soaking little whore?

The hot pleasure of your words floods straight out onto your hands as I get hotter and slicker, approaching a very high, hazy peak

“Mmmm, I like that… The sounds you’re making before the last orgasm I wring out of my toy before use… don’t ask to cum, little slut, because you will *NOT* be allowed.”

I start to make a petulant, incoherent whimper, but you growl and reach out with your other hand to grab my throat, pushing me against the bed firmly and leaning in over the Die Cast to devour my mouth. Your lips against mine swallow all the moans I have, the pleas I can’t voice, the tiny squeaks and whimpers and squeals. You’re taking my sounds

I begin thrashing, because I don’t know if I can hold off any longer. I’m sorry Daddy, I have to cum, and I’d say those words if I had any… I’m trying not to… my body writhes beneath you, beneath the Doxy, around your hand. You pull back from the kiss but you’re still biting my lip – you bite down harder and tug, then release it with an audible “pop!

“Cum for me *now* little slut.”

My hips begin to buck against your hand

“That’s right baby, cum all over Daddy…”

My cunt convulses tightly around your fist, the seizing muscles trying desperately to eject your hand and every ounce of consciousness and fluid in my body

“Yesss!” An ecstatic growl punctuates your exclamation.

“Fucking cum for me, little whore! Keep squeezing me… gush all over your Daddy’s big hand… and just let it all out.”

I hear a high pitched keening noise that pierces my auditory soundscape like tinnitus cutting through a silent, splashing sea. I realize the noise is coming out of my mouth. I’m making that noise, and I’m coming everywhere. My body convulses, my legs twitch, and I spray all over you as the orgasm comes tearing out of me, dragging my voice, will, and mind along behind it

“Oh, such a pretty, juicy, hot little cunt… Now it’s finally ready to be used like a proper toy should be.”

You pull back and remove your hand from my cunt, immediately forcing a few fingers into my mouth for me to clean them. I start to pull the Doxy away, but you force it against me harder. “You’re not done yet, fucktoy.”

I feel the head of your cock travel up and down my slit, the soft, hot, throbbing flesh of your head squishing against my engorged clit below where the Doxy sits against my pubic mound. I start to descend into a silent, gibbering lust haze as you slip inside me

“Now I’m going to use my favorite little fucktoy until they’re completely broken…

You might want to bite a pillow, on the off chance your voice comes back.”

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash of a large rainbow unicorn cake sitting, out of focus, behind several small rainbow-icing-bedecked cupcakes with unlit golden candles.
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