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A background of sequins, sorted into the colors of the rainbow, is covered by glowing lettings announcing: "Sugarcunt's 10th blogiversary giveaway"

SugarCunt’s 10th Blogiversary Giveaway!


Happy 10th birthday to my blog! It could be in 5th grade by now, except it would’ve been kicked out of the classroom long before then – I myself spent most of 3rd grade reading alone outside our disciplinarian’s office because I had a history of talking too much (big shocker, I know) and refusing to stop checking out risqué middle school novels from the library.

I digress… Perhaps you remember the last time I had a giveaway, eight years ago.

“Why weren’t there any giveaways between now and then, Sugar?”

Because my life is usually a lowkey trainwreck even when it’s going well! It never goes well long enough to dig out of the hole I started in. Usually I’m nonverbal by the time my blogiversary comes around.

I planned on launching this in early June, as with my first giveaway – the anniversary of moving my barely-blooming-blog to this branding, under this domain name, thanks to the kind early mentorship of another senior blogger. (You can get some of that too!)

Then my laptop screen needed replacement, and chronic illness and poverty danced their little jig over my headstone again. Now, better late than never, my amazing giveaway sponsors graciously allowed me date flexibility, and now you can win their generous prizes!

I’ve made sure to secure some lovely, diverse offerings to be sure there’s a chance somebody can get SOMETHING they’d love.

I also decided to try something new and offer y’all my time, since a lot of people reach out to me with a variety of questions, but I have a LOT going on, so I can’t answer every question I get for free, or I wouldn’t have time to freak out over not being able to pay rent. I figure this is an opportunity to pick my brain if you’ve been too shy, considerate of my time/labor if you are unable to pay, or just unable to access me at a time when I’m able to communicate with the outside world.

Prize List

  • 1 free custom from LoveMuscle Toys
  • 1 Big Thump impact toy from LoveMuscle Toys
  • Silicone firmness squishy skull 3-pack from LoveMuscle Toys (two people can win one of these!)
  • A $50 SheVibe gift card
  • A $50 Early2Bed gift card
  • 1 scheduled hour with me over video, voice, or text (you choose) to pick my brain for professional advice, critique, or guidance in your sex blogging or erotic marketing endeavors.
    • I offer this because I don’t always have time to help everyone who reaches out to me seeking free advice, and many people who cannot afford to compensate me for my time would never dream of asking otherwise.
    • All experience levels welcome.
    • I will not do any labor to set up or design your website, but can talk to you about the process and your decisions. However, I’m happy to read or listen to some of your writing or review your site design and offer feedback.
    • I will conclude any interactions that involve sexually objectifying or hitting on me the minute they occur. Please keep this professional and use appropriate boundaries. I really hate that I have to include this in my rules.

LoveMuscle Toys Custom Toy

This prize is any custom of your choosing from LoveMuscle Toys. These are just 3 examples of their surreal work! From left to right: The Tendrils, The Eye of the Deep (currently unavailable for this giveaway, as it has been retired while V2.0 is in the works), and Biotech V2.0.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

LoveMuscle Toys Big Thump

The fine folks over at LoveMuscle Toys offered up one of these big thumps for my readers! Made of heavy-duty cable with a wrapped and rubber-dipped handle, this impact toy can be made for you with a colored handle from these options: black, red, neon pink, neon blue, glow-in-the-dark, and black cherry (a very dark purple, photographed here).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

LoveMuscle Silicone Firmness Squishy Skulls

A pile of multicolored, squishy silicone firmness skulls made by LoveMuscle Toys
Two lucky winners will receive a 3-pack of silicone firmness skulls from LoveMuscle Toys! Use them as a stim toy or let them join your desk knick-knacks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

$50 SheVibe Gift Card

Shevibe banner ad featuring ocean explorers and an octopus holding some sex toys.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

$50 Early2Bed Gift Card

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1 Hour Sex Blogging/Adult Marketing Consultation with Sugar

Selfie of Sugar smiling in an orange and green starfish necklace and gold butterfly hair clips.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

tl;dr rules:

  • Contest runs from midnight PDT July 3rd, 2021 to midnight PDT on August 3rd, 2021.
  • I’ll announce the contest conclusion and e-mail my winners within 72 hours of the closing date, aka August 6th, 2021.
  • Raffle winners, I need your replies to my message within two weeks of August 6th; that means if I do not receive your reply by August 20th, 2021, I have to select a new winner.
    • Adding [email protected] to your e-mail address book or inbox allow list may help prevent my e-mail from hitting your spam folder.
  • Contest is open to international readers.
    • Physical prizes from LoveMuscle Toys can be shipped internationally if you’re willing to pay the custom/duties/taxes on your products.
    • Please check the shipping terms of our gift card merchants, SheVibe and Early2Bed, to be sure their shipping is available to your location and to be familiar with their terms and costs.
  • I specifically sought Early2Bed as a sponsor for this giveaway because it was important to me to give other trans people a chance to win a gift card for a store with a broad selection of gender-affirming and gender-expression products. If you’re specifically seeking gender tools, there’s an entry opportunity for you in the Early2Bed giveaway to hopefully increase the odds someone who needs gender accessories can access them.
  • If you win the blogging/adult marketing consultation, you have to behave appropriately when we converse. It’s not a sex work date, it’s a professional business consultation. I’ll shut it down if you’re inappropriate with me directly – don’t flirt with me, don’t sexually objectify me.
  • No purchase necessary. Nothing you do for me interpersonally or financially can impact your odds of winning this. I don’t even drive the raffleCopter, I just throw gifts out the side.

Full official rules for the blogiversary giveaway

Mean Girls "you can't sit with us" meme except it's labeled so Regina is snarling, "You can't sub with us!"
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  • July 31, 2021 at 7:47 pm
    Meg G

    Congratulations on ten years!

    • August 1, 2021 at 5:59 pm

      Thank you so much friend! 😀


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