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Synergy: Annoying Buzzword, Decent Lubricant


I’ve been browsing around for new lube, since I’ve chewed through a bottle of Astroglide in a ridiculous amount of time.  I also never intend to use Astroglide again, because my bottle of Astroglide smells like bubble formula.  Things that smell like bubble formula do not belong in my vagina.

Wet Synergy Lubricant is a hybrid of silicone and water that does not smell like a children’s playground.  Something like that shouldn’t earn it points in my book, but it does.

Synergy is thicker than any other lubricant that I’ve tried (Astroglide, Wet Platinum, and some lube from Tantus), and even though it’s a hybrid of water and silicone, it doesn’t start to feel tacky like water-based lubricant does.  It maintains the satin-like texture that I associate with silicone lubricant, and has a relatively comparable staying power to silicone lube.

The thickness of Synergy has made it very useful for anal play, and has been an absolute blessing when it comes to lubing up toys.  Silicone lubricant tends to piss me off because it drips off my toys instantly, making an unholy mess.  No more, I say!

However, this isn’t the perfect lube.  It’s good, but not perfect.  It’s supposed to be hypoallergenic.  I can verify that it certainly hasn’t irritated my skin, but I’m not particularly sensitive.  However, it does contain glycerin, which is a nightmare for people that are prone to yeast infections.  It also made my partner’s urethra burn when I slathered it on him to use for a handjob.  Does that have to do with the glycerin?  I don’t know… but I made sure never to put it on his cock again.  His ass has no problem with it, though, and lube is far more essential to a proper anal experience for him than it is to an enjoyable handjob experience.

It isn’t especially pleasant-tasting, either… it has that artificial-tasting sweetness that is common among most lubricants.  I mean, it isn’t bad.  It’s not like licking rancid ass.  But I don’t particularly like it.  That suits me just fine, since I won’t be using this on the slutling’s penis.

Can you use it with silicone toys?

Good question.  Because this lube contains silicone, I generally don’t, unless I have the toy secured by a condom.  As with any silicone lube, you would have to ask the toy manufacturer about the toy’s compatibility with the lubricant.

Ultimately, I’ve enjoyed the addition of Wet Synergy to my toy bag.  In my bedroom, its benefits have far outweighed its few downfalls.  I wouldn’t recommend it to people who are irritated by glycerin, and I wouldn’t use it in acts such as sounding, or handjobs.  However, it has been an excellent lubricant for use with my toys, and in anal play.

Thank you, Goodvibes, for providing me with the Wet Synergy Lubricant!  Without it, I would definitely be fucking myself a lot less… and let’s be honest, no one wants that.

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  • December 24, 2011 at 3:56 am

    Hey SC,

    I agree with your review of Wet Synergy. Bought a bottle as a tester and I am generally happy with it.
    Have used it on occasion with the Fleshlight/anal toys but wont use it regularly just so I don’t damage said toys too much.
    It is nice to use as a change from water based lube that I agree is drippy and just shits me at times.
    Overall I will buy another bottle I think until the time comes where Australians can actually access a good range of lubes similar to that available in the States.


  • November 6, 2021 at 3:15 am

    […] last silicone (semi-silicone?) lube I tried was Wet Synergy, a hybrid water-silicone lube that wasn’t terrible, but contained glycerin and made urethras […]


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