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That Burning When You Pee (More Properly Titled: Having A “Pierced Clit” And Answering Silly Questions)

I got my hood pierced on Friday!  I’m ecstatic about it.  Despite having a slightly smaller hood, my piercer (who also did my nipples, and is probably the most fabulous woman in the world) was able to compensate with the placing, and while I will god-honestly say it was a shock when she poked me...Read More

Sugarcunt’s Dorm Sex Flowchart

I don’t sleep.  I also don’t get to jack it while I sit awake at 6 AM. To explain this unfortunate phenomenon, and what college sex is like for me in general, allow me to present Sugarcunt’s Dorm Sex Flowchart. Go ahead and click that shit so you can actually read it.  And read the...Read More