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Photo of Sugar smiling brightly with blue, freshly-side-shaved hair in a black dress. They wear a black face mask with a cute pink heart nose, mouth, and whiskers on it in the likeness of a cat's face. The mask is from pinkKittee.com

Thank You!

Your help is essential!

I’m a Disabled, chronically ill, fat, queer, trans femme. Since I am unable to maintain a steady job outside the home, your generous donations help my little family of 2 Disabled, trans queers pay our portion of rent, cover bills, and buy toilet paper and medication.

Free access to education is a core principle of my work

I hate charging for it, but making free stuff all the time doesn’t pay my rent yet. If you’d like to continue supporting my ongoing mission to provide information about mental health, gender, sexuality, sex, kink, dating, and disability to the public, you can get a membership to my site’s resource library, send monthly recurring donations, subscribe to or purchase my porn, shop with my affiliates, read/clap for/share my Medium articles, and share any of my work widely on your own socials, since I’m shadowbanned on Twitter (the last remaining place many sex workers can run our social media… sort of).

Recovering from homelessness is a lengthy & difficult process

4 years ago I moved across the country to leave domestic abuse and pursue Medicaid in a state that could meet my health needs. Since then, I’ve been homeless in a variety of configurations over 5 times, or otherwise facing housing instability because I do not receive SSDI or SSI, and the United States still lacks universal basic income.

With a partner who is also chronically ill and struggling with her own history of houselessness and personal struggles, it’s incredibly difficult for us to sustain our household while lacking the basic stability and supplies to exist.

Crowdfunding for survival is terrifying

You don’t know if you’ll make your rent, or any other bills. You’re choosing between toilet paper, medication, or food, and no matter how much you yell into the void online, the money you need isn’t coming in. With Twitter actively burying mutual-aid-related tweets and accounts, there are very few places to get money needed to scrape by while the world is on fire.

If you can commit to a monthly donation or subscription to support my work or our household, your contribution is a blessing may be the difference between sleeping inside or having to give up all our furniture and belongings yet again and sleeping on the streets or in shelters.

Thank you!

With your help, I can offer the educational material I love at low/no cost to the public, eat regularly, use toilet paper, and sleep indoors. It means more than I can possibly express in words.


Sugar & Em