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A photo of a person in the distance, appearing to be walking toward tome buildings on a dimly-lit day. The photo is taken from a distance and focuses on the cobblestone pavement the person is walking on in the foreground, rendering the person and the background into blurry silhouettes.

The Gap


I’m thinking I have to stop giving blowjobs before my Tinder dates touch my genitals, if I ever expect to get my vagina touched.

Another (“different”) man
zips up hastily,
kisses me, and
leaves again.

Rides off
on his horse
(of promises),
easily broken.

The asphalt
beneath his tires
glitters (with apologies)
in his wake.

I didn’t want him to stay
forever, but I wish he stayed
long enough
to make me cum

Photo of a white picket fence with eroding paint in front of some green bushes
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A photo of verdant leaves during a light rain, focusing in particular on a cluster of leaves in the center that are deep green with droplets of water clinging to their edges and rivulets of water cascading down their center. The second leaf in the cluster is smaller and seen almost in profile, so you can see the perfectly-formed raindrop on the very tip of the leaf.
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