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Überlube Über Alles


It’s no secret that sex toy reviewers love lubricants. How could we not? We put many things in our cavities over the course of one toy testing/masturbation session, the ass and penis don’t self-lubricate, and everything is better when it’s wetter (except your phone).

In this post I aim to educate as well as lubricate.  Let’s dive right in.

The last silicone (semi-silicone?) lube I tried was Wet Synergy, a hybrid water-silicone lube that wasn’t terrible, but contained glycerin and made urethras burn… yeah, nope.

Octopus scooting across the ocean floor with

Überlube, on the other hand, is a solely silicone-based lubricant, and I am pleased to report that Überlube has never burned a urethra in my household. Most of the regular forms of the lubes you’re probably familiar with (Astroglide and K-Y, to name a couple off the top of my head) are water-based. The difference is exactly what it sounds like: water-based, silicone-based. While most water-based lubes are thicker than your standard silicone lube, silicone lubricants will require less applications overall, since silicone sits on top of the skin and stays nice and slick.

This is the place where Überlube begins to differ from other silicone lubricants. Überlube says that their product performs as long as you’re using it, but I’ve found that isn’t entirely the case. One of my favorite things about it is how it dissipates and feels like a moisturizer when it does, but that works against it in certain situations, like when I’m giving handjobs.

My partner and I love handjobs, and he prefers them to be very moist. I like that the lube doesn’t get sticky, and you can always apply more lube, but it is admittedly a little jarring for my partner because the moisturizer keeps me from realizing when it stops being slick enough for him. He has to tell me, or I’d just pump away obliviously. Obviously I’m not complaining because we have to communicate – my complaint is that since the Überlube dissipates and I don’t have the stickiness of water-based lube to indicate when I need to re-lubricate, the handjob gets uncomfortable for him. “Not sticky” is not really a complaint, because I love that about it. I guess I should phrase my complaint as “might dissipate too subtly”?

As someone who doesn’t have much difficulty self-lubricating I find that Überlube is excellent for me to use if I want to put something in my vagina without much warm-up, because it will always feel silky and moisturizing and once my body starts producing its own lubricant the silicone lube can take a backseat. If your vagina doesn’t produce as much lubricant as mine does you may find that you need to add a bit more Überlube the longer you go. Just as with the handjobs, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but there might be discomfort until you reapply, and that’s not something you probably expect from a silicone lubricant. I have not used it for anal, and it’s pretty thin and drippy, so I wouldn’t recommend it for larger anal insertions, particularly if you find that you need lube with a lot of padding. Just go with what feels good for your body.

Ignoring the minor inconvenience of re-applying the lube (which you also have to do with water-based lubes, so I’m not really subtracting a lot of points for that) I find that the moisturizing effect is amazing. I love how Überlube feels on my hands and I can just rub it into my skin if it drips or I have any left over. It has never stained my sheets. I also love it when I’m on my period. Paradoxically my vagina gets super dry when I’m menstruating (don’t ask, I don’t get it either) and so it’s nice to be able to coat a tampon in a little Überlube to make the experience less unpleasant.

Überlube is also different from other silicone lubes because it’s made with nothing but four ingredients: Three types of silicone (dimethicone, dimethiconol, cyclomethicone), and tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E). It is odorless and tasteless. Because it’s quite pure I’ve had no problem using it with any of my silicone toys made of good silicone. Obviously you should patch test any silicone lubricant on an unobtrusive spot on all your silicone toys before you try to slather them down with it, but all of my Tantus toys (including the dual-density Cush) have fared very well with Überlube. My Jopen Key Comet and the LoveLife Adventure and Dream also had no problem with it either, and I love that. It feels amazing dripping down the smooth silicone of the Comet – there’s no drag, so it’s just a smooth glide to G-spot town.

When using Überlube they tell you to start with a small amount of product and add as you go on. It’s good advice because you don’t want to waste money, but I find that for handjobs I usually end up using about five pumps to start just for good measure. That amount at once might horrify the creators, but it works for us. When you’re trying the product for the first time I’d only suggest one or two pumps to start.

I strongly recommend Überlube if you’re looking for silicone lube and willing to shell out the money for a luxury lubricant. I consider it to be well worth your time. Shevibe offers a travel size that’s $14, a 50mL pump bottle for $18, and a 100mL pump bottle for $28.

What’s it definitely good for:

  • Handjobs (if you don’t mind re-applying it)
  • Vaginal intercourse for those who take a little while to self-lubricate
  • Remedying everyday vaginal dryness
  • Shaving and keeping your genitals from chafing post-shave
  • Sex in water (please be careful not to get it on the floor of the shower, because you will slip and might get a concussion)
  • World’s most expensive lube slip’n’slide

For more a few more non-sexual uses for silicone lube check out JoEllen’s post about Lube Sex Geek Life Hacks at her site, The Redhead Bedhead!

Thank you, Überlube, for sending me your amazing lubricant in exchange for an honest review!

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  • July 23, 2015 at 4:58 pm
    Come Heather

    I love that ‘nope nope nope’ octopus!

    • July 26, 2015 at 6:07 am

      Nope Octopus is my favorite octopus!

  • August 27, 2015 at 10:58 pm
    Sara Testarossa

    Nice to see a review of this lube from someone other than the rest of the staff at the store where I work 🙂 Each of us got a free 50mL bottle from a rep-type person. I’d never used a silicone-based lube but this one definitely feels nice for my purposes (I just tried it for putting in an Njoy plug). And the packaging is awesome (how cool is it to have etched borosilicate rather than a label that can start falling off from the slippery silicone?). Thanks for the list of uses – I didn’t think of the shaving one and am definitely going to need to try it. Another thing I’ve heard of is athletes putting it between their thighs to prevent chafing.

    And yay for Nope Octopus!

    • August 27, 2015 at 11:03 pm

      I loved shaving with silicone lube, it’s a lot like shaving with baby oil. I’ll actually try the chafing thing, I’m not an athlete but as a fat person I do have a tendency to get “chub rub” when I’m out walking around and sweating a lot. And YES, the packaging is REALLY cool. I’m a big fan of that.

      • August 27, 2015 at 11:17 pm
        Sara Testarossa

        I didn’t know shaving with baby oil was even a thing, somehow. My most recent experiments have been with Coochy Cream, and it’s not as great for me as I’d hoped.

        I hear ya on “chub rub” – I’m in the same boat so I wear leggings or shorts under skirts to prevent it, and don’t wear pants low! But I’m glad to know of this alternative.

        I have been known to geek out over packaging to my coworkers, and occasionally customers. Thankfully, they all take it in stride. Most recent geekouts have been over the Tom of Finland collection… his art plus sliver and black is sexy to me, heh. Some of the products look good, but I haven’t heard comments on any of them.

        … I started this job in February and started reading sex ed/review blogs soon after, and now I feel like half my life is spent learning about sex or telling people about sex. Could be worse 🙂 Looking forward to going through your archives (I’ve been going one to two blogs at a time, heh).

      • August 27, 2015 at 11:30 pm

        I did it some in high school, it’s not bad. Soft. Coochy Cream is actually the reason I shaved my pubes most recently – a friend gave me half a bottle of it. It was okay but I’m not really a fan. I used the Uberlube to keep from getting chafed after I was smooth, though!

        Fortunately I own very few skirts and pretty much zero pairs of shorts, so it’s not too much of an issue, but the inside of my jeans get rough after a while.

        I’m not familiar with Tom of Finland! It doesn’t look like I’m in their target demographic.

        This industry takes over EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. I am so passionate about it. I could talk about sex forever.

        Thanks! I hope you find some things that you enjoy!

      • August 27, 2015 at 11:52 pm
        Sara Testarossa

        Yeah, my knowledge of shaving started out at a girls’ summer camp, so, I didn’t get properly educated for a while! I know a guy who uses Coochy on his face – he says it’s the only thing that doesn’t make him break out. Glad it works for him!

        Gotcha about jeans!

        I’m not in the target demographic either, but I’ve been known to enjoy Tom of Finland’s style of art. Plus, having sturdy neoprene restraints as an option in the store is nice – we have a large BDSM/kink section and that was one material we didn’t have much of.

        I really appreciate the passion you and the others I’ve read from have for sex and talking about it! Getting into this industry has been a long time coming for me – my educational background is in science and education, and I’ve always been passionate about sex ed, but things didn’t start falling into place until just recently.

        Anyway, I really appreciate those of you who blog about sex and everything surrounding it. Not just for toy reviews and such, but for posts like the one I just read on mental illness and sex (that falls not exactly under “things I enjoy” but “things I find important”). I’ll come back to it when I’m not up way past usual bedtime.

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