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So I have a lot of crap on my plate right now, hence why I haven’t put out a toy review in forever and a day… but here’s a photo of some of the toys with reviews that I’m working on.

The Sailor2 soft packer, the Fun Factory Bootie, the Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Ball Gag, the Jollies Jollie, the nJoy Pure Wand, LELO Luna Beads, the Glass Gems Diamond, the Glass Gems Andalusite, and the Tantus Acute.

For an image description, hit the “continue reading” tag below.

Also upcoming: Reviews for the Tyler Hope Love Bear Toy Storage, the Liberator Throe, a 7-piece neoprene restraint kit that was sold by Trinity Vibes  (although I think it’s manufactured by some division of Kink Industries… unfortunately, I didn’t keep the box, and now I can’t figure that out to save my life), and the 30 Days of Kink prompt.

[Image description: A white towel covered in sex toys. The toys are the Sailor2 Packer, which consists of a flesh-colored, realistic-looking cock and balls; the Fun Factory Bootie, which is a short, purple anal plug with a bulbous head and a wide, flat tail; a black ball gag with black straps; the Jollies Jollie, a misshapen, pearly-pink dildo with a handle that has a finger hold; the nJoy Pure Wand, a large, curved piece of stainless steel with two balls of different sizes on each end; the Glass Gems Diamond, a straight, tapered piece of glass with bulbs that vary in size; LELO’s Luna Beads, two pink balls held together in a white sling; the Glass Gems Andalusite, a short, clear glass object composed of two lumps covered in red and blue swirls and a rounded head covered in green nubs; and the Tantus Acute, a neon green, vaguely phallic dildo with a slight curve.]

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A Jollies Jollie dildo on a white background - it is a pink toy with a finger-sized handle, the insertable part is molded to the inside of the shape of the vagina. This one is pink and has large retro multicolored daisies suspended in the silicone.
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