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White graphic designed to simulate the back of a postcard. The postcard heading reads: "Greetings from your lap!" in purple text. The sub-heading reads, "Beastly Blowjob: Pack 1". The postcard is addressed to: "Merry Masturbator, 69 S. Slurpin' Ave, SC, ManyVids." The stamp on the postcard is a still from the Beastly Blowjob video of Sugar grinning a few inches behind the cock they're sucking, their face only visible from below the nose, lips slick and reddened from use and strings of saliva gleaming between their lips and their partner's glans. Their hands are wrapped around the base of their partner's cock that has been censored with an eggplant emoji, with Sugar's long fingernails painted sparkly blue. The extra text on the postcard reads: "I just get so caught up in a blowjob sometimes that I forget about time, cameras, or what is coming next. The only things living in that moment are me and the cock in my mouth. This 10-photo set contains some of the best stills from my Beastly Blowjob video, documenting some of the most blissful moments from my experience. Purchasing this set also means you've collected the 'Grinning' stamp - that little stamp right there in the top corner. Soon there will be many stamps that can be redeemed for a variety of themed prizes!"

Watching myself blowing you


Happy ManyVids launch! ?

I’ve been working on getting a porn-related presence re-established, and I posted my first blowjob video and a few photo sets last night, including two sets from the video.

This poem…

Never content to just have a video to jerk off to, I had to write a poem about it. I re-watch the Beastly Blowjob pretty regularly, because it’s 21 minutes of watching myself do something I love. I strategize like a coach going over a recording post-game. And I’m just so into myself in the video – into the way I feel when I’m doing what makes me feel powerful and rising to my best. It’s erotic on a completely different, meta level.

Watching myself blowing you

Watching myself
blowing you
traps me in the
of that moment

In my eyes,
I see determination;
a primal force to be
reckoned with;

I critique each technique:
Noticing the camera shake when
the flat of my tongue
rolls over your glans.

Admiring thick strings of
saliva between
my lips and your cock,
shimmering in the glow of
colored lights.

The way I take
both your balls
in my mouth and
your moans deepen as
your beast rouses.

I witness my worship at
your plinth, I think of
everything I wanted
in that moment:

The fucking I anticipated after
the sensation of
gulping your cum as
it lashed against my throat,

Your hands in my hair, and
covering mine,
the contrast of size so
strangely arousing.

The look on your face when
I called you “sir” –
Voice pleasant as you predicted as
it slipped from my mouth.

When we finished,
I told you I wished we’d
filmed your face too –
Each expression a
visual cherry on a
gorgeous auditory sundae of
growls, gasps, and groans.

I watch you push your hips
against my face and
lose all control, as I
drain you with my fist and
milk you with my tongue.

When I watch I don’t even think
About the fucking we didn’t do after.
I just think:
I wish I could suck my own cock.

A photo of Sugar taken from a laptop. They are hugging one of their teddy bears, Cornelius, and their freckled white arms and back are bare and relatively visible. They have blue hair with shaved sides and are peeking over their arm so that only their eyes and nose are visible.
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