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These are blogs that I will read until the end of time, and I spend a pretty substantial chunk of my day reading them.  I’m not saying that you should too, but….. well, no.  Actually, that’s exactly what I’m saying.  You should have faith in my excellent taste in bloggers.

Dating, Erotica, Gender, Sex (or lack thereof), and Sexuality

A Couple of Kinks

Aerie’s Room

Artemisia FemmeCock

Bex Talks Sex

Come Heather

Confessions of a Sex Toy Rep

Crevice Canyon

Crista Anne

Dangerous Lilly

The Deaf Queer



Feisty Fox Films

Formidable Femme

For Sploosh’s Sake

Girl on the Net

Girly Juice


Hey Epiphora

Insert Trans Here

The Jaded Matron

JoEllen Notte: The Redhead Bedhead

Kara Sutra

Lorax of Sex

Marvelous Darling

Mary Q. Confesses

Miss Ruby Reviews

Mr. Will’s House of Thrills

Mx. Nillin

Naughty Reenie

Ninja Sexology

Novelties: Toy Meets Girl

Nymphomaniac Ness

Oh Joy Sex Toy

Perineum Plunders

Red Hot Suz

Ruffled Sheets



Smut for Smarties

Squeaky Bedsprings

Submissive Guide

Switch Studies

Sugarbutch Chronicles

The Big Gay Review

Viva La Sexy