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Magic Wand Mini Review


I bought myself a corded Hitachi Magic Wand (hereafter shortened HMW) back in 2012/2013. Eager to test my inability to orgasm against one of the fabled kings of wands, I used it pretty regularly for several years, but it wasn’t ideal. Hell, it wasn’t even my favorite vibrator.

Now, about a decade later, Hitachi dropped their name from the Magic Wand branding, they’ve released variable-speed and rechargeable versions, changed the toy’s head to silicone, and lo – the Magic Wand Mini is their latest offering. SheVibe thought I might want another bedside buddy, and they figured a Magic Wand Mini review would be a good way to find the next one!

The Good

  • The Magic Wand Mini is rechargeable! No longer are you tethered to a wall outlet while you play. I’ve gotten over 2 hours on one charge, and that’s perfect for me.
  • The lowest setting is what I start on, and it can make me orgasm pretty often without even having to turn the toy up. This is huge for me – I’m usually stuck cranking other toys up to the max setting and laying there for an hour yelling “WHY WON’T YOU CUM?” at my vulva.
  • I love how quiet it is. I live with 4 other people. While my dongs occupy our bathroom and hall shelves and nobody minds, I don’t want loud whirring emanating from my bedroom like a siren, “I’m masturbating! Yanking my chain! Spanking my monkey! Flicking my bean! Polishing my pearl! I’M JERKING IT!” for half an hour several times a day.
  • The size is awesome. I love how lightweight it is so my hands and wrists don’t get tired, and it’s a lot easier to slip between us during partnered sex than the original HMW was. It’s easy to grip firmly with my tiny opossum claws!

The Bad

This isn’t even a list. My only real complaint is that the charging cable uses a proprietary connector (AKA a funny plug shape specific to these products only). In an age where damn near anything can be charged via USB-whatever, this is a bummer.

I actually can’t use mine right now because my cord disappeared. If you have money to blow on extra cords, great! But there’s just no reason I can comprehend to create a connector that looks like this other than getting more money from customers. I AM AN ADHD WHIRLWIND, GIVE ME USB.

Should I Replace My Hitachi Magic Wand?

If you already have one of the old Hitachi Magic Wands or a Magic Wand Original, you might be wondering if it’s worth an upgrade:

Yes, upgrade if:

  • If you would get more pleasure out of vibration that feels more rumbly/deep than the buzzy HMW. If you often spent a long time using your HMW until it was very hot and your genitals were basically numb, try the Magic Wand Mini instead, it’s way better.
  • If you’d prefer the option of 3 speeds instead of 2.
  • If you need a quieter toy than the infamously loud HMW.
  • If you’d prefer individual control buttons instead of the HMW switch.
  • If you want something lighter and smaller.
  • If the cord of the HMW is getting in your way.
  • Your old, yellowed, cracked HMW head that can’t be sterilized bothers you, and you’d rather have a silicone head for sanitation or aesthetics.

No if:

Thank you so much to my pals at SheVibe for sending this toy in exchange for an unbiased Magic Wand Mini review!

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