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Policies and Disclosure


In accordance with FTC guidelines, I have created the following disclosure regarding my site and its content:

This website is a personal blog that is run in its entirety by Sugarcunt. All blog posts are written by me, and represent my opinions or experiences unless otherwise noted. I receive products to review on a regular basis either for money (sponsored reviews) or in exchange for the review, but whether I was monetarily compensated or not, all of my reviews and posts are based on my actual opinions. Companies cannot sway me to change my opinions if they don’t like the review and cannot purchase my personal endorsement. All of my reviews indicate which company provided the product for review.

My site also contains affiliate links with various companies such as sex toy retailers, porn companies, and Amazon. These links have no bearing on my opinion and do not cost you extra money when you purchase through them – using my affiliate links helps me keep my site and my family alive.

I also accept paid advertising in the form of social media posts, sponsored posts, and banners for my sidebar. Paid advertisements are not automatic endorsements of the companies that purchase them, and should not be taken as such.

Sponsored posts are all authored by me, about my personal experiences, but do include a NoFollow link (for which I am compensated) to the sponsor’s website. Sponsored posts are clearly indicated as such, sponsored banner advertisements are under a “sponsors” or “sponsored” sidebar, and sponsored social media ads contain the tags #ad or #sponsored.

Advertising and Sponsored Posts

Purchasing advertising means that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions:

  • Advertising is non-refundable, even if you request that I remove your ad before the expiration date.
  • I always receive payment before posting your ad or beginning to write your sponsored post.
  • I prefer to receive payment through CashApp or PayPal.
  • I make no guarantees regarding clickthrough rate from advertisements.
  • The only sponsored blog posts I will make are honest posts that I have written myself. You may choose the general topic (for example: “anal sex,” “spankings,” etc.), then I will pitch you some ideas that I have on the topic. You may choose to sponsor a product review, but sponsoring a review will not guarantee that I give the product a positive review, and you will be required to provide the product.
  • My sponsored blog posts are all clearly marked as sponsored posts.
  • Unless otherwise negotiated, my sponsored post will include one text link to your website in the post.
  • All company assets for advertising on my site (graphics, copy text, anchor text) must be approved by me before I will post it. If your banner is unsuitable for my website, I reserve the right to request a different banner to post.
    • Basic guidelines are as follows: I will refuse an asset if it contains nudity of an exceptionally graphic nature, slurs, or other offensive/oppressive marketing. Please ensure that you can provide assets that meet these guidelines before you purchase your ad space. If you cannot provide an asset that does not contain these things, we will not be able to work together, so I will refund your money.

Advertising Logistics

  • Your banner/text ad will appear on my website within 72 hours of your payment being received unless I have stated otherwise in our negotiations.
  • Your sponsored post may take up to two weeks to appear on my site once your payment has been received unless I have stated otherwise in our negotiations.
  • The time you have purchased for banner/text ads will begin once your ad goes live.
  • You will receive an e-mail notifying you when your ad or sponsored post has been posted.
  • You will receive an e-mail asking if you wish to renew an ad before your ad time expires.

Link Exchanging and Exposure

I do not participate in link exchanges, offer free advertising, or supply free work in exchange for “exposure.” I’ve exposed myself plenty. ? Please do not e-mail me about these, as I will either reply with my rates, or I will ignore your message.