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Prose I’ll Never Send My Tinder Dates: DDLG


Content warning: DDLG/CGL

I look at your photo and my eyes instinctually widen. Without realizing it, I part my lips for whatever you’ll give me – the swollen head of your cock, or the primal urgency of your all-consuming mouth – but instead, all they feel is my tongue, desperately trying to keep them moist despite my ragged breath.  

I’m ensnared by the memory of our time together, being folded over by your body as you plunge into me, fucking a trench through my soul so deep I’m convinced I could fragment. I can’t turn away because your hands steady my head, and I’m pinned by your eyes, trapped like a pressed rose between the hardbacks of a frenzied figment and the realest moment I have ever known.  

“Look at me, baby… look at me.” 

I’m dragged out of my head by the unexpected tenderness in your voice, met by a smile that disarms and inflames. You’re radiant above me, and if my every nerve weren’t alight with sensation, I would reach up and bury my hands in that beautiful hair falling around your face. 

“Show me those wide eyes…”  

I try to open them wider to focus on you, and the effort pulls me deeper. I’ve never felt so sincerely cherished and wanton at the same time, never felt so present and comfortable simultaneously. You’re driving me fucking crazy, every deep stroke pounding me down into the pillows, your thumbs stroking my face firmly as you steady me beneath you.  

“Such a good little girl…” 

The cracks in my shell deepen until it breaks apart, exposing the small, raw part of me that you’ve been searching for. I don’t know if you can see it, but your smile widens, and it’s safe, nurturing, and still exquisitely hot.  At that moment, you possess every tiny part of me, and when I close my eyes today, I’m controlled by you for the first and last time all over again.

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