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Lamp Seeker pt. 1


Greetings friends! I’ve been playing around with this fun supernatural fantasy story this month, with a QT, fat, plural main character.

CWs: minor body horror (not in the sex), D/s, sexual degradation, glorious butt stuff.

I’d been schmoozing this vampire for 20 minutes, but I thought he was wasting my time in hopes he’d get a chance to bleed me. He kept looking around all shifty, like he was afraid of being intercepted. He wouldn’t be the first to try biting me, but that diversion wouldn’t find the family heirloom I was hired to retrieve.

“It might jog my memory if you have a drink with me tonight.”

So transparent he could hold a sandwich. Do vampires just all get the same script template when they’re turned? I was about to tell him off for preying on me when the wall started eating my sleeve.

“What the FUCK?” 

He backed away, face twisted in horror at the assortment of mouths blossoming on the wall, gibbering and gnashing. I tried to jerk my arm away from the mouthpod – not because I was surprised by it, more because I knew I’d end up buying a new coat if I let it keep chewing mine.

Some of the mouths smacked their lips while the rest chanted, but the music in the bar drowned them out. These things might be useful messengers in other realms, but I find modern Earth is way too loud for them; their mission can be thwarted by a pair of cheap headphones. Surely over the course of millennia, great and powerful creatures found some better way to communicate than mouthpods or email… but my boss couldn’t (or simply wouldn’t) use email, and I assumed that meant texting was also a no-go.

I leaned down and craned my neck to put my ear nearer to the pod, being sure to keep my clothes and amulet away from it.

“Meet in the Garden at midnight…” the mouths droned in their singular voices. No meeting subject, no re: line. That was another problem, these messages had to be short. I’d be lying if I claimed I hadn’t spent a few sleepless nights starting and scrapping a series of slideshows about why we should communicate digitally instead.

I straightened and fished a butterscotch candy out of my pocket to feed the pod. I honestly wasn’t sure if the pod was a single entity or if there was more than one, but every pod sent to me seemed trained to accept butterscotch as a means of saying, “Good work, abomination, message received!” It belched the wrapper back at me and winked out of existence, leaving only exposed brick and litter to signify its disregard for the mortal plane.

The vampire must’ve completely fled while I talked to the thing, because he was gone. It was fine though, being hit on was making my skin crawl and none of his information seemed related to my questions at all. I checked my watch and was grateful I’d have time to swing home before my meeting.



“Can you please bring my work bag?” I called up as I slipped on my gloves and picked out a cane. Willow descended with my work bag and a scarf, patiently waiting for me to remove them from eir hands when I was ready. 

“Another midnight meetup?”

“I’ve gotten the impression liches and vampires work on the same timetable.”

“Well it sucks, and it’s depriving me of snuggles.” Ey crossed eir long arms and pouted, looking away. The candlelight in our foyer cast a warm glow over eir rich taupe skin and the loosely-tied peach robe atop it. Pretty as a painting, but I was still unable to ignore my work obligations.

I kissed eir forehead and wrapped my free arm around em. “You’ll get them when I come home, my pet. It’s not like these run long.”

Ey tucked a bulky, custom-made remote in my shirt pocket. “Well, you can help keep me occupied with this when you’re not busy.”

“Ooh, is this the long-range remote you enchanted? I wonder if I’ll need to wait for you to put it in…” I hit the power button.

Ey tensed against me, whimpering, trying to keep eir legs from turning to jelly. I chuckled evilly and tucked the remote in my jacket pocket instead.

“Have fun, slut.” I kissed em adoringly and ducked out into the night.



Standing in the back of the abandoned Olive Garden, I alternated between checking my watch and fooling with Willow’s remote. I wasn’t sure liches were ever known for punctuality, but this one seemed to have a very loose sense of time after thousands of years of undeath. I decided to give Willow’s plug some max power right before my boss arrived.

I didn’t have skin to crawl, but I do have very acute senses, and every single one went wild when she showed up. I don’t know if it’s her power, or that she’s really evil, or what, but every time I’ve met this lich, the first of her kind I’ve known, she’s borne an aura that makes you just want to fucking run. My mouth went dry and a pulse I didn’t even have thundered in my ears.

The undead in general don’t make me feel this way – living quartz is hard to kill, so vampires don’t scare me, and zombies don’t act like I have brains in me. They just walk right by. (Hurtful, zombies. Hurtful.) I’m not even sure the lich could kill me if she wanted to, because nobody else could. But she was still scary, and she seemed mad as hell I still didn’t have her favorite lamp.

“It’s unacceptable you haven’t found it yet,” she rasped, her jewelry jangling as she wagged a finger reproachfully. I didn’t know why she was mad it took this long, because I don’t charge hourly, and after a century, her end table could wait a few more months.

“My apologies, Mistress. My recent leads haven’t panned out like I hoped, and I was just finishing up one when you sent the messenger.”

I cautiously skirted a glance up at her. She appeared different each meeting, and tonight she looked like a desiccated corpse rolled out of its coffin ready for a business meeting in fancy, gilt-threaded robes, arms laden with gleaming bracelets and rings, dark, wispy hair piled atop its head. The empty, dark hollows where her eyes would be only occasionally gleamed with a pinprick of eerie blue fire deep in her skull, so I averted my eyes again just in case the fire meant she was looking at me.

“This heirloom has been missing from my ancestral line for an entire century, I’d prefer not to drag it out a second century.” How could a voice so dusty carry so much venom?

“Your sense of urgency is most understandable, Mistress. I will redouble my efforts posthaste.”

I bowed to acknowledge her and kept my head low, ignoring the way all my senses were screaming RUN as she swept close in a gust of rot and sulfur. Something hard and rough pushed my head lower, shoving my nose against the kitchen tile, forcing me to my knees with a clatter of my cane.

“Work… faster…”

From this distance, her breath was fetid and oddly cold.

“I will, Mistress.”

In a rustle of whispers, she disappeared.

I scrambled to my feet, grabbed my cane, and ran out the back as best I could, suddenly feeling much more concerned about finding the lamp than I had earlier.



I walked in to find Willow on all fours in a puddle in front of the door, moaning and spasming, eir skin covered in a thick glisten of sweat. I gasped and shut it off, kneeling to check on em as eir trembling subsided.

“I’m sorry I left you on high so long, I was rushing home after.”

Ey slumped and giggled. “I was afraid the remote stopped working.”

“Just user error.” I chuckled, brushing eir hair from eir forehead. “How many?”

Ey looked at the pearly puddle beneath em, considering. “Well… at least 5?”

“Damn! I can’t believe I missed them… but you forgot to count them, like you’re supposed to?”

Ey groaned and palmed eir forehead, “I forgot to count them, Sir.”

I clasped eir chin and kissed em.

“Lucky for you, I’m feeling tired and benevolent.”

“Yes, lucky me…” Ey purred, nuzzling noses with me.

I brought Willow a glass of water and eir comfy robe, helping em into our richly-appointed bed and bundling us both into the luxurious nest of blankets and pillows. Ey clung to me greedily, nuzzling into my shoulder. “I wanna snuggle more than I want you to clean that puddle up.”

“That’s good, because cleaning up your puddle tomorrow is your punishment for forgetting to count.”

Ey bopped me gently with a throw pillow.

“You couldn’t just spank me?”

“I needed a punishment, not a funishment.”

“Well, I needed a spanking.”

“And you’ll have it… after you clean up that puddle tomorrow. At least I’m not making you lick it up.” I pulled em into my arms and nuzzled into eir warm neck, kissing it gently as ey dozed off.



I woke to whispers in the dark, jolted to alertness by the presence.

Work faster… the mouths moaned, and I huffed irritably, sitting up and looking around. The mouthpod bloomed on the wall over our dresser, some of them chewing at the curling wallpaper, the others wailing and hissing my employer’s directive. 

“What the actual fuck is that?” Willow growled in my ear, the corners of eir mouth turned down in revulsion. I reached out and could feel ey were covered in goosebumps.

“It’s mostly harmless… I’ll go get my coat and send it home.”

“…what?” Ey hissed, but I was already trundling through the hall.

I returned with my coat and dug a butterscotch out of the pocket, flicking it into one of the mouths mid-utterance. It regurgitated the wrapper as expected, but it didn’t leave like normal, it just hung around slobbering on our picture frames and jewelry boxes.

“Go on. Message received! Bye!” I fed it another butterscotch, but instead of disappearing, the mouths I hadn’t fed hummed and babbled, straining against our wall like spectres trapped under a pool cover. I fed it more butterscotch, trying to spread the candy out to the other mouths. I assumed maybe they all needed one before it would leave; I assumed wrong.

“That thing’s an abomination against nature, and I won’t tolerate it. I’m going out to the greenhouse to sleep in my tree.” Willow grumbled, pulling eir robe closed as if the thing had eyes.

I was mortified. “I am so sorry, I will get rid of it, I promise.”

As though it heard me, the mouthpod keened in unison, a sound that made us both shudder before ey stormed out.

I tried distracting it by pulling one of the drapes from the nearby window over, and it latched onto the fabric as I expected. Most of the mouths seemed satisfied, only one remained, intoning sotto voce, “work faster.”

It was enough of an improvement for me. Earplugs would block it out. I wasn’t sure how long the curtain would keep it busy, but I hoped it would be long enough for me to recharge.



“It’s still here?!” Willow was livid. Ey hated it when I brought work home, but it was even worse when my homework was against nature. I sighed and nodded, tearing apart one of my old shirts and stuffing the rags in each mouth. The singed shreds of the curtain I fed it last night hung limply from the cast iron rod, and I moved our damaged frames and tchotchkes off the dresser and out of feeding range.

“It normally leaves when I feed it, but it won’t budge.”

“It can’t stay here. It’s a blight on the Earth. And do you know how expensive that curtain set was?”

Actually, I did, because I purchased it… but that would’ve been poorly-received if I said it out loud. As if they could sense the energy in the room riling up again, the mouths whimpered and suckled vigorously at the cotton scraps.

“I told you I’d deal with it, and I meant it. I’ll get it out of here by tonight.”

“See that you do if you ever wanna sleep in the same bed again.”

I wrinkled my nose, hoping ey were being hyperbolic after a shitty night’s sleep. Ey weren’t usually the vengeful ultimatum type, but nothing so annoying or abominable had ever followed me home before.

Despite eir annoyance, ey still cleaned up as ordered and diligently delivered me water on schedule while I spent the morning in our library browsing every book between artifice and necromancy. I didn’t even know what these messengers were actually called. The first time I saw one, it was too unreal to be believed, much less named. Fortunately, as a magical construct myself, my “weird shit” tolerance is blisteringly high, so I didn’t run gibbering into the night. After the second time one appeared to me, I was thinking of them as “mouthpods.”

My employer probably didn’t expect me to blow half a day learning to banish this thing when she sent it to hasten me along. How could she know I lived with a dryad? I imagine its unsettling countenance was motivation enough for most, rather than a huge cockblock. 

I found the information I needed in a tome about outer plane abominations. I don’t know why a messenger of Old Gods is serving a lich who, categorically, can’t be an Old One, just in terms of the age of our plane. A note in the margins had some banishment tips, and I hoped “sphincter of rat” was just a folk name for a plant. 



“Did you pick up what I wanted from the apothecary?” Willow kissed my cheek and took my coat.

“I did…” I grimaced and fished out the sachets of herbs for em. Ey sniffed them and gagged.

“This smells like scat, not vervain.”

“Sorry, it’s the rat ass.”

“You bought… rats?” Ey narrowed eir eyes at my bulging pockets.

“No. I purchased ethically-sourced rat sphincters to banish the Ikkilak.”

“Rat buttholes, eh? …good luck with that.” Ey laughed all the way to eir greenhouse with me on eir heels. 

“Well, if you’re not a fan of that, you’re really gonna hate what we have to do with it.”


“Yes. The notes on banishment say a two-person sex magic ritual can ward a property from its presence.”

“Love sex magic, but where do the rat holes come in?”

“After I grind them up, they go in jars on the perimeter of the property and into an incense we burn while we fuck.”

“Ugh, that’s a mood-killer.”

“Listen, learning somebody collects and dries rat sphincters AT ALL was a mood-killer for me! I could’ve gone another cool thousand years without knowing it. But if you wanna sleep on our amazing mattress, you’ll work with me on this, unless you figured out a way to make your dogwood softer than a cloud. You’re also the other owner of the property, so the jars need contributions from both of us.”

“Yeah, no, that’s not what being in my tree is like at all… but I’m a slut for the comforts of modernity, so you grind the assholes, and I’ll find your strap.”



After some quick and dirty spellwork for our setup, I stood in the den in nothing but my strap, hands on my wide hips. Willow stood in the doorway nude, eir hair cascading behind em like a glorious pale-pink aura. I loved eir blooming seasons – ey were always lovely, but twice a year, ey were radiant.

Ey were also visibly tense, and I was too – we were burning weird incense, doing weird rituals, and now were trying to bone about 20 feet from the bedroom door, which occasionally belched the odd, uncharacteristic scream. This plane didn’t seem to agree with the mouthpod, because it grew noticeably louder every few hours, and it sounded angry now. Or agonized. I’d run out of curtains, spare clothes, and hard candy to feed it hours ago, so I was really hoping this worked fast.

“Mark me,” I ordered Willow, drawing myself up straighter. Ey watched my hands obediently, waiting to interpret my signal. I pointed to the ground before me and flattened my hand, saying nothing.

Then, dropping to eir knees, Willow crawled, eir sinuous frame winding between the chalk as ey made eir way, widdershins, around the circle, careful not to smudge the chalk outline of our ritual circle. Ey bowed eir shoulders and head to the wooden floor at each cardinal direction before ending the circuit in front of me, prostrating eirself completely, arms wide.

“Good pet…” I extended a bare foot before eir face, watching em diligently kiss each toe as a sign of submission. “Tell me what you want tonight.”

Ey gazed up at me dreamily, biting eir luscious lower lip.

“Use me, please.”

Music to my ears.

“Use you for what?”

“Use me to power the spell, please.”


“With my cum? Please? Please use me until I cum…”

“Such manners,” I cooed, pleased with eir performance. Ey were drawing the dominant part out of me, bringing with it a primal sense of ownership of em. I loved the way eir hips were already subtly shifting like rustling leaves, thighs squeezing together, ass gently swaying back and forth, waiting for me.

I leaned down and grabbed eir chin, pushing a lock of eir hair behind eir ear. “And you know how we love manners, don’t you?” I felt em tremble with pleasure as I gently traced my fingertip along eir jaw.

“Y…yes… Sir…”

“And you know how we love pounding your sweet little hole, don’t you, pet?”

Ey moaned softly, nodding, locking their dark eyes with mine in a moment of electricity. I could feel the energy between us picking up, and the deeper into our dynamic we fell, the more the tension fell away. I guided em up with my hand and kissed em deeply, gently nipping at eir lower lip and taking em in my arms for the first time since our unwelcome guest arrived. 

The routine of eir submission rapidly broke down the walls of eir irritation and my fear of abandonment, til we were just two bodies adrift on a current of lust and power.

I kissed eir jaw and earlobe, purring, “Who do you belong to?”

“You, Sir.”

“And whose… fucking… hole… is this?” I growled, wetting the finger I massaged against eir hole as ey squirmed against my chest.

“Yours!” ey gasped breathlessly, eir cock throbbing as my finger dipped inside em.

“Fucking right,” I snarled crisply, making em whimper by pulling my hand away, whirling em in my grasp and forcing em down over the back of the couch as ey writhed. “Don’t fuss now… we need to lube your greedy hole.”

“Yesss… pleeeeeease…” Willow hissed as I parted eir pert cheeks and probed eir ass with my stiffened tongue, feeling eir legs tremble as I prodded against the tight ring, massaging it toward submission. Ey wriggled against my mouth, moaning loudly, toes curling as I tongue-fucked em, reaching around to stroke em.

“Oh fuck, please Sir, please more…”

I jerked eir cock even slower and pulled back, dragging my tongue down eir taint, moaning as I inhaled the mossy scent of eir groin.

“If we get you too worked up you’ll cum before we’re ready, and you know how it vexes your Sir when you cum before we’re ready…”

Ey whined, squirming like saplings in a storm til I stilled em with my palms on eir hips, digging my fingertips into eir smooth, waxy flesh. “Pretty please, pretty please…”

I straightened back up and leered over eir shoulder, nibbling eir ear. “Pretty please what, pet?”

“Please play with my ass more, Sir. I need it so bad… I need it so much it hurts in my ass and my bones and my teeth, fuuuuuck, I just need it so bad.”

I lubed my fingers up and slipped one finger into em, eir ass primed and already begging for more. I curved my finger to massage against eir insides, then added a second one, causing em to cry out in delight.

“That closer to what you wanted, slut?” Ey whimpered at my teasing, working back against my fingers, clenching the couch like ey were going to shred the upholstery.

“Mmmf… more please…”

“We’re going to spend more time winding you up first, since we didn’t get to use you last night.”

The grunt ey made in response was purely animal. When they were ready, I added a third finger, relishing how each stroke brought em closer to the pounding I was eager to dole out.

The energy in the room was swollen as Willow’s cock, and positively humid with energy, like miniscule pinpricks of swampy static, underscored by the scents of petrichor and sex. I could feel the power we held, our dominance feeling more tangible than ever. I used that feeling of power as I rallied my free hand to spank em, delivering a slap with a little more bite than I intended for my first strike.

“Oohhhh!” Ey cried out in delight as I eased off a little, each slap a whole note backing the rhythmic shlk-shlk-shlk of my lubed fingers working eir ass.

“We promised you a spanking, you didn’t think we’d forget, did you?”


I deliberately aimed for eir prostate, and I was surprised ey hadn’t cum once already. The sadistic part of me loved seeing how many times I could drive them over the edge, loved the way ey begged for more even after a long, hard ride. Maybe it was for the spell. The surrounding magic thrummed thickly as my spanking intensified, the hardest slaps leaving behind broad handprints that made my gut flip in satisfaction to see them.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I slid my fingers out and covetously gripped eir stinging ass, and Willow screamed with pleasure, shuddering hard while I used my other hand to lube the strap thoroughly.

Ey didn’t tense at all as the head of my cock prodded eir ass. Ey were so warm, hot, and willing, begging for it again in a weak, needy voice, “Please bury it in me, Sir…”

“Take it all, sweetheart,” I crooned, slipping into em with a dreadful, precise slowness that I absolutely relished, giving em a series of gentle, deep strokes, being sure I pushed my cock firmly against eir prostate.


I took eir hips with both hands, caressing the tiny sprouting vines there with each thrust, burying myself in em over and over, pressing so hard it felt like we’d grow together. I wanted to keep stimulating the sprouts – potent erogenous zones every blooming season – so I leaned over and whispered, “Stroke yourself, you greedy slut.”

The static in the air wrapped us in advancing, prickling waves as Willow’s breathing sped up and eir body became more tense against mine. Eir pumping was erratic, like ey were trying not to overdo it, so they didn’t cum before my command. It was satisfying to see consistent results from my training, but restraint wasn’t what we needed – a HUGE burst of power was. Fortunately, I knew all eir buttons.

“Don’t you fucking stop pumping your cock, you filthy little degenerate! Don’t stop to think, don’t wait for permission! Just lose yourself in the feeling of being used as a cocksleeve, our own, personal fuckpuppet, just here to pound…” I rammed my cock into em now, punctuating each word, “until… you… burst!” 

The dirty talk worked; eir face fell completely slack as ey screamed eir orgasm, muscles convulsing, dainty hand squeezing eir seizing member as ey came all over emself and my favorite couch. The feeling of static ran through us both like a strong electric shock at eir moment of climax, then the air cleared completely.

When ey were still again, I pulled out gingerly.

 “Are you good to stand on your own now?”

Ey tested eir weight on eir legs, only my hands steadying em, before nodding. Ey still seemed spacey and out of it, so I kept hold of em until ey sat down on the couch by the cum stain.

“Do you have thoughts on the kind of aftercare you need?”

Ey considered, closing eir eyes, assessing.

“More than usual. Can you bring me some food with my water before we snuggle?”

“As you wish, princess.”

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    Sara Testarossa

    Aaaah this is so cool so far!!! I’m really enjoying it. The opening chapter gives a great taste of worldbuilding and makes me curious for more. Looking forward to followups on Patreon as you release them!

    • October 13, 2021 at 8:01 pm

      thank you friend! I’m so glad you like it, and I’m super pumped to keep writing in this world!


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