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I know that there’s some voyeuristic thrill in reading about the countless hours I spend shopping for and using sex toys, watching porn, and reading erotica… but let’s be honest: it’s really more fun to buy your own.

If you use these links or the links in my sidebar to buy your products from these companies I will receive a percentage of what you paid at no extra cost to you. It’s a great way to get something fun for yourself AND help ensure that my site remains operational and high-quality! To ensure that I get affiliate credit it would be great if you cleared your browser’s cookies before visiting with my links, so here’s a helpful guide on how to do that!

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Toy Retailers

Shevibe is a store that has everything you could possibly want. They carry a huge variety of neat sex toys and I’m privileged to review for them! They have amazing art, amazing prices, and they’re just a generally amazing site. You should absolutely shop with them, because you’ll almost never find a better deal anywhere else.


Lovehoney is a fabulous store based in the UK (that also sells in America, thank goodness) that’s absolutely overstuffed with neat products. I review for them, and it is absolutely worth it. My wishlist on their site is huge. Yours will be too. Check them out!


Good Vibrations is another affiliated site that I review for, and was one of the first sex stores that I heard about by virtue of reading The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex (a fabulous read that I’ll have a review for eventually). They also have an amazing selection, a very informative site, and release a really interesting digital magazine that publishes some great articles!


Stockroom has the best selection of kink gear that I have ever seen. I’m not exaggerating. I look at their store and I feel like they have everything. It’s the first place I go for kinky toys, and it should be the first place you go, too.


She Bop is a female- and queer- friendly sex toy boutique, but it’s much more than that. She Bop isn’t female-only, it embraces a diverse customer base and strives to be as neutral as possible. She Bop is based in Portland, Oregon and works to provide eco-friendly and local products. They’re a small, women-owned shop, and they’re definitely worth supporting!



Oh, Tantus. I’m a huge Tantus fangirl. I think their products are awesome. Their silicone feels great. I like the colors that their toys come in. I love that they make paddles now. I stalk their Sale section like a hawk waiting to swoop in for the kill. My undying love of Tantus should be a good enough reason for you to visit their site and buy some things.


 makes the finest wood dildos in the industry. Every sex blogger on the planet raves about them. They make gorgeous, pleasurable sex toys, and you know you want one.

Sliquid is one of the lube companies that sex bloggers trust most. Their lubricants are free of the bad stuff (parabens, glycerin) and full of the good stuff. I highly recommend buying their lubricants, and you can get 10% off of your lube if you buy straight from their site with my promo code: sugarcunt



CrashPadSeries is a shining example of what queer porn should be. Diverse ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities, and body types come together in a mysterious apartment to hook up. The series is an offshoot of Shine Louise Houston’s “The Crash Pad,” which establishes the nature of the apartment, won feminist porn awards and has been recognized at several film festivals. I highly recommend checking out the series, because it’s packed with every kind of sex you could possibly want to see. Kink, strap-ons, safe sex, gender play are just a few things this series has to offer.


SugarDVD is basically the Netflix of porn. They offer streaming to your TV via Roku or Playstation 3, pay-per-minute and download-to-own options, as well as the option to purchase new DVDs (and Blu-Ray) and sex toys. While I can’t say their sex toy selection is amazing (why would I send anyone for the toys when they could go to any of the shops above?), the porn selection is supposed to be fabulous.


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