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Photo of two fat people in bed - a white person with glasses and short, dark hair, and a Black person with close-cut brown hair. They are covered by a blanket, lounging with a white dog, talking while the Black person reads a book and the white person uses their phone.

Fat Sex Toy Recommendations

I asked the lovely denizens of Twitter to ask me some fat sex/sex toy questions, because there’s nothing I love more than ensuring my fellow fatties are living easy and gettin’ sleazy. One of the biggest fatphobic myths in society is that fat people don’t have sex. That’s deeply incorrect, and the sex toy industry...Read More

Airing Some (Plus-Sized) Lingerie Part 1 – Clothing Edition

I know this blog is about dating, kinky shit, putting things in my vagina, and gender (when I get around to it), but there’s also something very distinct in my life that I make sure to mention in my descriptions, and that is totally relevant to my sex life, my sexy outfits, and my gender…Read More