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Stunning portrait photo of a tiger sitting back and staring at the camera with its head ever-so-sightly cocked. It is an orange tiger with white-ish neck and muzzle fur and intense grey eyes.

Poems I’ll Never Send My Tinder Dates: The Tiger

[CW: This is sexually explicit.]


to the guy who kissed
like his presence in my life,
which is
fucking THERE:
occupy as much of me
as you desire.

when you held me
you cradled me
in your arms, with
no stress, no hesitation.
our embrace had
no preparation
no trepidation
only desire
tinged with tenderness,

while your tongue
made your presence known
behind my lips
and in my brain.

every night i
cup my hand over my vulva while I
think about your mouth and
your arms around me as i grew
hotter and
squirmier and
needier and
deliciously small in a way
that almost felt new.

i remember
the quick dip of your hips
as the tip
of your cock
hit delicious places while
filling the hungry, empty spaces
in my cunt,
zones of intense pleasure
i barely remembered i had.

and my thumb traces
my lower lip
as i think about it wrapped
’round the head of your dick,
tightly across the edges of your
latex-shrouded cock
slick with my juices.

condoms would all taste better
if they were me-flavored,
but every night i put my fingers in
my mouth, and I think,
“they’d probably be better
if they were you-flavored.”

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A macro photo of a bumper slingshot on a pinball machine - the bumper is chrome with a red band and a sign that reads, "Feel them bumpers," with "bumpers" underlined. The sign appears to be held by a character with a beard, but the rest of the character is out of the light and focus.
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