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GetLusty For Couples


In early January I was approached by Erica Grigg about writing some posts for GetLusty For Couples, a website that focuses on five pillars that support an outstanding sexual relationship: communication, sexual technique, health, dates, and adventures.  GetLusty offers articles on how to live a more passionate life, recommends merchants that cater to your sexual and romantic needs (and frequently offers discount codes for those merchants), and highlights events (currently only those based in Chicago) that focus on relationships and sex.  GetLusty also runs regular giveaways.  The most recent giveaways I’ve seen have been for Uberlube, and some porn, and they’re currently running a giveaway for a book of erotica.  These giveaways are highlighted on their Facebook page, so they’re worth checking out.

I support GetLusty‘s mission (enhancing relationships), and I’m happy to write for them to help encourage and educate the site’s readers.  While GetLusty is currently largely cis-and-hetero-normative/centric, I think it has a lot of potential for growth and possibly future inclusion, and some of the informative articles and ideas aren’t limited to use in heterosexual relationships.

To read articles on GetLusty, you’re required to sign up, either via Facebook or with an e-mail address.  Sign up is free, and you’re encouraged to sign up with your partner.  GetLusty has a points system that allows you to access more content as you gain more points, and you and your partner can pool your points together.

If you’re interested in reading my work for GetLusty, here are five of my most recent articles:

Kink Safety 101: What You Need to Know

Bondage 101: What You Need to Know

Fetish! Rubber 101

Phone Sex 101: Keep Your Partner Hanging on Every Word

An Erotic Night on the Town! 5 Kinky Date Ideas
Happy reading!

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A photo of the Jopen Key Comet G Wand, the nJoy Pure Wand, and the Galaxy-G acrylic dildos on a black sheet background. They are positioned so the bottom of the toys almost meet and they all curve to the right, illuminated by daylight that covers the sheet and the toys.
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