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Photo by Jeremy Wong on Unsplash of an Asian couple standing in front of orange fireworks in the night, shoulder to shoulder and leaning together to kiss gently on the lips.

Non-Monogamy For Snowflakes

In 2015 my wife and I decided to experiment with non-monogamy. Through a series of comical and confounding miscommunications, we both labeled ourselves polyamorous and found ourselves back on OKCupid. If you’ve read any of my posts about online dating before, I’m sure you can anticipate how much I was dreading this. Putting yourself out...Read More

Monogamy, Mythology, and a Smidgeon of Economics.

“We believe it’s okay to have sex with anybody you love, and we believe in loving everybody.” – D. Eaton & J. Hardy, The Ethical Slut Still no sexy posts, you guys.  Believe it or not, even when my visible sex organs are being constantly stimulated, I insist on writing about what goes on in…Read More