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Photo of the Unicorn Novelties hand harness on a dark blanket beside a blue moon lamp providing all the illumination in the photo

Unicorn Collaborators Hand Harness + Blush Wellness Silicone Dilator Set


I got a wonderful opportunity to resume reviewing for SheVibe, and I was thrilled to try the Unicorn Collaborators Hand Harness Leather Strap-on and the Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit by Blush.

The hand harness was a huge boon. I’m Disabled, and my chronic pain, fatigue, and illnesses sometimes mean wearing a pelvic harness would be hard to manage on a bad day. With this neat little hand harness, I only need wrist, arm, and minor hand mobility to penetrate a partner. When my joints are too swollen to grip the base of a dildo comfortably, the harness is a nice assist for masturbation or partner play.

While the Unicorn Collaborators hand harness comes with two metal O-rings (1.5 and 2 inches) to hold your dong, the handy adjustable design allows you to swap in other ring sizes if the included rings can’t handle your thunder. The strip of leather that holds the O-ring edges is also the same adjustable leather that goes over your hand.

I typically wear my hand harness with the long, bottom edge over the heel of my palm when I’m masturbating, meaning I’m typically able to use the harness as a more reliable toy handle that only needs some fingertip pressure to move.

On a partner, if you can make a fist, you may find it more useful to hold the strap in your fist and put the harness over your knuckles, which will allow a great deal of power behind your thrust. However, I don’t think the punching method is optimal for everyone, especially depending on your angle and how easily you can make and hold a fist. If you approach your partner from behind, the dong-palm method makes way more sense than the one-two-punch. You can honestly wear the harness however it works best for you, these examples are just some of my own experiments. I think you could even strap the harness on a foot, depending on the width.

Photo of the Unicorn Collaborators hand harness on the back of someone's hands.

Photo courtesy of SheVibe.com

The adjustability of that leather strap means that the harness should be viable to fit a significant range of hand sizes, so with minimal adjustment, my girlfriend’s much larger hands fit just as well as my baby hands do. It’s easy to clean per the instructions on the website, and I love adding more leather to my toybox. It’s super versatile, and I love the way it’s improved access to my toys on rainy days when I don’t wanna clutch a dildo base for an hour! You really ought to get one from SheVibe and try it for yourself!


The other toy we received, the Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit by Blush, was sent for us to use with the hand harness while we trained my partner’s butt. We opted for these dilators because most training kits come with plugs, but the base of a plug doesn’t work well in a harness. The base being shaped like a heart doesn’t make the smaller dilator sizes stay in the harness rings more easily, but the largest dilator in the kit can be combined with the rings from my hand harness quite well!

Photo of the Blush Silicone Wellness Dilator Kit, 4 smooth insertables of various sizes with heart-shaped bases.Honestly, you could purchase these for anal training and use them the way we did, but plugs are easier for training if you don’t have much time in the bedroom because of the versatility and mobility they allow. These dilators are smooth all the way down to the base, so they fall out easily if you stand up and aren’t making an effort to clench them inside. 

Dilators are more often used by people experiencing issues like vaginismus or as post-operative care after reconstructive genital surgery, but I can’t weigh in on what these dilators are like for those purposes, because those aren’t my experiences. I find the silicone generally pleasant, especially because it’s smooth and doesn’t “eat” lube. I like a low-drag insertable, what can I say? The silky texture was good for my partner’s anal training, and I imagine that’s an asset when a dilator is used for its original purposes.

These dilators have been pretty effective training toys, despite not being easy to wear around the house. If you have need of a dilator kit or want to try training with them, you can pick up your own using my affiliate link to help support our family!

Thank you to SheVibe for providing us with these two neat toys to review in exchange for a fair and unbiased review!

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