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You, Your Family, And “Coming Out” As Something

One of the most frequent discussions that I see among the sex blogging community on Twitter is, “What if my parents find out?” “Do I choose to ‘come out’ to my family and friends?”  I also see this fairly often in the kink and poly communities, where I find many people lamenting that they have...Read More

Monogamy, Mythology, and a Smidgeon of Economics.

“We believe it’s okay to have sex with anybody you love, and we believe in loving everybody.” – D. Eaton & J. Hardy, The Ethical Slut Still no sexy posts, you guys.  Believe it or not, even when my visible sex organs are being constantly stimulated, I insist on writing about what goes on in…Read More

Sugarcunt Reads: Jack’s Blowjob Lessons

Subtitle: “The Bigot’s Better Blowjob.” Sub-subtitle: “Driving You To Drink.” Sub-sub-subtitle: “Can’t Tell If Trolling…” Written by the man who has had over 1,000 blowjobs, and counting. If you want to skip to the drinking game, in which my dastardly machinations promote death via alcohol poisoning, just scroll to the cut. Jack Hutson e-mailed Epiphora…Read More

Sugarcunt’s Dorm Sex Flowchart

I don’t sleep.  I also don’t get to jack it while I sit awake at 6 AM. To explain this unfortunate phenomenon, and what college sex is like for me in general, allow me to present Sugarcunt’s Dorm Sex Flowchart. Go ahead and click that shit so you can actually read it.  And read the...Read More

Airing Some (Plus-Sized) Lingerie Part 1 – Clothing Edition

I know this blog is about dating, kinky shit, putting things in my vagina, and gender (when I get around to it), but there’s also something very distinct in my life that I make sure to mention in my descriptions, and that is totally relevant to my sex life, my sexy outfits, and my gender…Read More